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Creative Marketing Ideas for Photographers


There are many different ways to market yourself as a photographer. However, the basics of marketing still stay the same. It’s about getting yourself out in front of potential clients and buyers, convincing them to love and buy your work, and if possible continue buying. So what are the strategy mainstays for marketing?

1. Know your Ideal client

It is essential that you know exactly who your ideal client is and that you tailor your work towards the style they like.

By this we mean; are you going to stick with natural landscape shots? Then you are targeting photography lovers. People who are looking for art in their homes; that are attracted to natural pieces.

This is something to really think about for surf photographers however. Are you going to concentrate on the clearly professional riders out in the surf? Or will you be looking at the tourists experiencing their first time in the ocean.
Regular surfers know the break and will want more specific shots. They want to look good in the photos and may even use the shot for potential promotion or sponsorship.
Whereas tourists, non regulars to the breaks will just be excited to have a cool shot of themselves in the surf. Maybe a proof of them standing up on their board is all they need.

So think about your subject, and tailor it to what you know your audience will love.

2. and 3. Create an appealing website and get traffic!

This one you have already done by joining! Creating a professional and functional website with e-commerce for sales can be expensive, time consuming and difficult. Then you have the even more difficult task of getting traffic to your site. There are a million sites dedicated to all kinds of topics, plenty of them based on photography and selling works. SEO’s can only get you so far. So the best thing to do, as an extra income or promotion, or especially when beginning your career is to connect with like minded people. Instead of people trying to find one photographer we can direct them to a group. Much higher chance of traffic!

3. Social Media is your friend!

Another way to reach a wider audience is social media. It’s so easy to post some of your pics on your page. Shots that you are proud of and show off your techniques. Again, consider your audience and their needs and wants, but make sure you are promoting you for what you and your work are.

4. Email Lists

Keep a list of contact details (you only really need emails) of all your past clients. If you have new work to show them, or maybe even an event, you can turn to your database to send out the word! A past client doesn’t mean they won’t buy again.

5. Be Where your clients are

So get out in the water and take your shots! Post them to your account on, tell all your contacts on social media and get your name out there!

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