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How to Upload Your Photos (Video Tutorial)




This is a quick tutorial on how to quickly and easily upload your photos on to the site.

Start by signing up as a Photographer and read our T’s and C’s. When doing this make sure you use the same email address that you will be using for your paypal account. Paypal is the easiest way for us to pay you automatically for your photos, so you will need a paypal account.

Now that you have signed up, go to the Photographer bar and down to Upload Your Images. 

A good way to start is by uploading your photos first, so they can load while you are adding all the information. Group the photos by location, as that will make it easier for people to search in the long run.

To upload your photos, go to the bottom of the page and click ‘select photos’. Find them on your computer, select as many as you want, click open and they will start uploading. This could take a while, so as that is happening we can add all the information about your photos.

So let’s go back to the top of the page and add the location or surfbreak. This is what people will be searching by so make sure it matches what you told people when you were shooting. There is the names that the surfers call breaks etc and the broad terms, like Bells Beach, Snapper etc. 

Next you add the town that the surf break is located and the state.

Select a category. Either underwater or land based photography and then the date and time you shot the photos. Make the time an average. So if you shot from 8am to 12noon, say 10am.

Now select the licenses you are wanting to sell it as. Online will be your lowest price. Pricing is up to you – depending on what you think it’s worth. Just make sure it’s reasonable for you and your customers.

Personal/Private is for personal use, to turn into a print to frame.

Commercial license is a bit trickier. Make sure you understand Commercial license and our T’s and C’s before setting your commercial price, or even using it at all. There are a few articles in the forum as well for you to look at – essentially just make sure you have all the facts you need before using this license. If you don’t click it, it can’t be sold commercially.

Add a short description about your photos. Such as what camera you used, lenses types, conditions etc. Even details about how the shoot went and your experience.

Almost done – now select tags. These help search filters. So add as many as suits your photos. You can even add new tags.

Once that is done and the photos are uploaded there will be a button in the bottom corner. Click Upload Photos and allow time for the data to upload on the images. 

Once this is all done your images will be live on to search and sell. Now you can go out there and promote your photos and taken even more.


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© 2015, all rights reserved.